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A Conglomerate of journal entries listed by author.

The Log
The World of Talead
Trouble in Undin
These below haven’t been completed yet. /O\
The Investigation of the Temple of Evil
The Eye of Ra
The Goblins of Easthollow
The Tunnel through the Mountains
The Fallen Empire
Return to Caliminorn
Missions for Caliminorn
Rockie’s Rescue
The Battle for Loki’s House
Akhazriel’s Tales
The Assault on the Temple
The River March
The Aftermath

Akhazriel’s Tales of the Caliminorn Adventures

Origins of Akhazriel
Chronicles of Akhazriel : 1. The Adventure Begins
Chronicles of Akhazriel : 2. Ohh god, Ohh god, Ohh god we almost died
Chronicles of Akhazriel 3: Not much sleep…. 4 ounces + 3 ounces does not equal 9…… dazed and confused

Maia Lampetia
Flight from the Rising Kobolds
Joining a Group to Save the Day
The Death of Deimos

The Story of Ren Bo Fa Part 1
The Story of Ren Bo Fa Part 2
Origins of the Brass Scale
Day 1 – Day 7
Day 8-14
Day 21
Day 22
Day 24 – 28
Day 29 -30
Day 31
Day 32
Day 32 Continued
Day 33
Return to Caliminorn and the first battle of Easthollow
The Infiltration of A dwarven Keep
Loki’s Imagination-land
Ledale and an Incubus
Day 65 – 73
The Battle of IronCages
Battle In ArkhenForges
Second battle of Arkhenforges
From ArkhenForges to the First level of StoneFist
Stone Fist exploration
Strange things are afoot
A Return to the Light
A Long Hiatus
Surprise Surprise
The Battle of 2 Armies
Worried about Rockie
After the stories
After the Tree
Battle of Waterfall Castle
Death of a God
[[The Jungle again. | The Jungle again.]]
Exiting the jungle and returning home
Winter Comes to Caliminorn

Rocksalen “Rockie” Rustyhelm
Rockies Journal
Boar Demons hurt
I teleported inside a kobold
Letter to The Commander

Origins of Thomar
Thomar’s loss Part 1
A new group
Thomar’s loss Part 2
A dwarf in a cage is interesting and all
Thomar’s Loss part 3
Ancient battlefield bound

Stick Gwyn
The Many Adventures of Stick Gwyn – Chapter 1
The Many Adventures of Stick Gwyn – Chapter 2
The Many Adventures of Stick Gwyn – Chapter 3

The Rise and Fall of Cheesehome
The account of Commander Lylwar Cleburril and The second Grand Meeting of Caliminorn
The Rise and Fall of IronCages
Rise and Fall of ArkhenForges
The Journal of Bellrond Rockfingers
The Musings of the Primordial Titan Perpetos
The Silent Monk
A voice in the Darkness
The Monk Gathers some adventurers
Musings on the deaths of Gods


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