Adventures in Talead

The Monk Gathers some adventurers

part 1 and 2

Ronny Be’Deveir

I found him, or rather he found me. He was sitting on a barrel and something about the monk drew me to him.

I sat on the ground next to him even though i had to get home. He was calming. The building was starting to get stressful.

He didn’t talk but you could feel what he was asking for. I had to prepare myself and my family.

Tomorrow I would seek out training. By the time i looked around, no time had passed but he was gone.

Fale, Guardsman of Caliminorn.

The spirals started appearing yesterday. First in the dirt. Then the dirt seemed to change over the course of the day.

Now the spirals are in sand.
Surrounded by white rocks.
The spirals don’t seem to be a problem.

Im not sure, but i don’t think they are a problem.
Im not sure who made it.
They must see something beyond.

If any one asks they need to stay.
Im not sure why, but they are important.
Tomorrow ill watch.

Feng, Paladin of Bahgtru

He appeared out of nowhere.
Normally i would have attacked.
Something about him stayed my blade.

He closed the distance in an instant.
He put his hand on my shoulder.
I heard a voice, one it felt like i had heard before.

He said, go to caliminorn.
The people will meed you.
You will find your lost way.

His words held meaning i couldn’t put my finger on.
It wasnt a order, it was for me to decide.
The future seemed bright

Eleon, Ranger of the West

If i didn’t see it myself i wouldn’t have believed it.
He caught the arrow out of the air.
He dropped it. But it fell with grace.

He was too fast.
It is almost as if he was teleporting.
There werent even footprints

He was behind me before i could blink
He put his hand on my shoulder
I knew where i had to go.

The trip was going beyond the lands of my fathers.
To the other side of the world.
I had to get there.


Skyrik Skyrik

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