Adventures in Talead

After the stories

Gwyn's temple

After Ahkazriel told us his ridiculous stories we moved on to our original goal of reclaiming Gwyn’s temple.

Gwyn described the temple as a large termite mound made of wood. She was not wrong. that is precisely what it looked like, except massive.

When we got there we saw it was overrun by a large group of Kobolds. we dispatched them and found within the temple even more kobolds.

In the center of the temple we came across the general of Demos in charge. Thanks to Gwyn and the other we were able to remove him from Demos’ command. and secured the temple. In the crypts we managed to find the druid who once called this temple his. We helped him and he told us what had happened.

Tomorrow I intend to ask him some questions about the power Demos now wields.

This morning we heard a large number of Kobolds chattering about warning Demos about what had happened at the temple. he will be warned, but he will also be distracted. Rockie has volunteered to lead his army against another of Demos’ strongholds so that we may slip into the falls more easily. We will see him again I have no doubt.

~~~Ren Guardsman of Caliminorn.


Skyrik Skyrik

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