Adventures in Talead

The Many Adventures of Stick Gwyn - Chapter 2

In Which the Party Leaves

Dear Diary:

They’re coming back for me. This is just a joke, pretending to drop me off here. Haha! …right? Big Gwyn would never leave me behind. Would she? Gwyn, come back! :(

This isn’t fair! They all left to do cool things and said I was too small and flat and would just get in the way. But I’m not!!! And I wouldn’t!!! I could be sneaky and slip into places where no one else fits. They’ll be sorry later. They’ll see.

I don’t need them. I’ll have more fun by myself, and even if they come back I’ll just walk the other way. Serves them right. They’re gonna have to offer me an amazing deal to get me back in THEIR group. Like a chipmunk to ride. With a saddle. I’ll name him Simon. And he’ll never leave me.

But I am alone. Everyone abandoned me :( If I fall asleep, I’ll likely drown in my tears. Doesn’t take much when you’re flat. What did I do to make them hate me? My life is empty. I’ll go sleep now.

Actually, I’m not that tired. But it really doesn’t look like anyone is coming back for me. Might as well make the best of things, and find a dry place to camp for the night. Maybe I could get some good poetry out of this:
All alone I sit
Wallowing in pain, too sad
For more than haiku.

You’re my only friend left, Diary.


Skyrik megbeck88

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