Adventures in Talead

The Many Adventures of Stick Gwyn - Chapter 1

In Which We Are Introduced

Dear Diary:

Hi! It’s me, Stick Gwyn. At least that’s what everyone calls me – gets a bit confusing with the original Gwyn hanging around too. (She’s awesome, btw.) But I prefer SG for short.

Anywho, it’s dark, and I’m sooooooo booooooored. This tunnel goes on for-EVER :( :( When can we go back to Imagination Land? It was fun there. Bright colors and puffy clouds and handsome trickster gods… plus, anything was possible! I could have drawn myself a lovely little castle and maybe even a moat filled with dolfins! (?) Idk what those are, but I hear they’re cute and squeaky like me.

Sure are a lot of Dwarfs with us. They probly like this dumb mountain. Ugh. The dragon guy seems cool though, he’s kinda weird too. And has sidekicks. I want sidekicks! And a theme song… dun na nanana bum bum bu-di-dum STICK GWYN! Hm. I’ll work on it. Plenty of time in this stupid place.

Maybe I should kill time by pestering the Kobold. He’s nuts. Actually, his zombies smell awful, and so does his freaky backpack, so I’m just gonna leave him alone. Better off bugging the wizard, see if I can steal something without him noticing ;) And plant it on the Thor-worshiper to get him in trouble! Hehe.

Cya later,


Skyrik megbeck88

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