Adventures in Talead

The Battle of IronCages

Day 74

The day began with Gwyn finding Cora walking in the woods around IronCages with a small band of thugs and knights.

from here we met with three other paladin sent to deal with the problems in IronCages. I really need to find out why they were here.
Any way we devised a plan based on the scouting of both thomar and the paladin cohort. we decided that we would take tunnels dug by Gwyns badgers into each of the small encampments within the ruin of IronCages. From here the 4 groups could enact sneak attacks on the encampments and hope to take them by surprise.

Our party did fairly well with no casualties, the other parties did not fair so well with one loosing nearly all of the members. After the battles we regrouped to decide how we would assault the main group. we decided that a multi-pronged attack was the way to go here as well. so we split into three groups and attacked a group of training Apep soldiers. With minimal loss, but severe damage we managed to take down and subdue all of the Soldiers including the main target, a Skeleton Death knight. We should expect him back in the future.

We also found a small crystal ball that could open, I theorize that it may hold something, but the Warlock would know more about this than I.

Both Rockie and Bullwinkle held their own and did a great job. I am quite proud of them, as I am proud of the others. not many would have walked away from that battle with as little damage as they took.

For now we will rest in the ruins of IronCages, to talk to Cora and her compatriots to see what the plan is now. if she is returning to caliminorn perhaps she can send a message for me.

Also got some plate armor for myself and Bullwinkle, just have to get it resized.

~Ren Guardsman of Caliminorn.


Skyrik Skyrik

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