Adventures in Talead

Surprise Surprise

Well Today was full of excitement.

After the task of slaying the large green dragon in the plantation the group decided we were going to try to beef up our defenses by taking what we could of the dragons belongings. As Drrock did not take to this as we did he decided he would find us a place to set up camp.

His pseudo-dragons took an interest in a pile of ruble and after some digging he heard a voice that was coming from a young elf and three gnomes that were trapped in a cellar, for what they say was a moth. She decided to join our group while the gnomes were just glad to be out of the cellar.

That night we were set upon by another set of nightmares that fought back. Ava and The new Elf Morgana managed to wake us up with the help of morgana’s Pet. after the ensuing battle with a wind spirit we set out to try to get some sleep. On the final watch Drrock and morgana found 2 Kobolds trapped in some webs we had set up as traps. after they freed themselves and the rest of us woke up Gwyn took after them in Giant eagle form, Which I was unaware she could do up until this point. After they returned with magical sticks in tow and the gnomes had gone back to town with twink and gory we set off towards what the kobolds claimed was Rockie.

After following them for several hours we came into a clearing the kobolds had set up. In the large tent we found Rockie, a little worse for wear, but alive.
Based on the story he told. the portal that demos took him through was both space and time in nature and he had been in the jungle for a year. in that year he had escaped from demos and built up a small group of kobolds which he had taught about His Diety and much swearing. he was quite upset that Twink wasn’t with us, and to be honest I would have been as well. I know Twink will be.

We have the gang back together now. Now to deal with Demos and Apep.

~Ren Guardsman of Caliminorn, wielder of Death, Friend of Rockie.


Skyrik Skyrik

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