Adventures in Talead

Rockies Journal

I don't know where I am

I don’t know where I am.

It is very dark. There are flashes of light and images of death. Hopefully Twink and the others will be safe and will save me.

The next parts of the journal seem to have been ripped out.

I’m not sure how long it has been. I think the masked creature has forgotten about me. He stopped walking past my room what seems like weeks ago. Now he only sends his green minions to do his bidding. There are still the dreams though… death horrible things. Shamash Why have you forsaken me!


The following entries seem to have been written significantly after the fact, perhaps it was to hide what he knew.

I have convinced some of the small green kobolds that I can help them get what they want and get away from their master. They seem pretty willing to help a guy out. I don’t think Demos realizes what he has created. I guess kobolds were never too bright.

i wish these dreams would go away though.


I made it out. the kobolds told me about the talismans of the forest that demos was keeping to travel through his jungle. I guess I am in a jungle. Maybe they will be useful for the escape.


The Kobolds managed to get me my gear and some talismans. Tonight we break out. Shamash be Priased.


The kobolds did good. they got me past the sentries and out of the ruins…man this place in its prime msut have been beautiful. the waterfall is gross now, but in the past pfff. now we must hide and hope that Demos is focused elsewhere. maybe i can gather more kobolds to my cause and wait for Ren and the others to find me.

Please come find me guys. Twink I hope you are ok.

Rocksalen, Guard of Caliminorn


Skyrik Skyrik

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