Adventures in Talead

Rise and Fall of ArkhenForges

Excerpt taken from ruined book found at Arkehnforges

Arkehnforges, The forge of the world
Excerpt taken from ruined book found at Arkhenforges

Granite 3842
I have joined a group of settlers traveling to a new forge site to be designated Arkhenforges. The mountain homes have decreed that our people must develop new technologies in order to protect ourselves from the gods and the magic in the world. This is to be done in secret. Those that I travel with are the best and the brightest engineers and crafts dwarves in the empire, I look forward to seeing what they are capable of.

Obsidian 3842
The first tunnels have been dug, the leader of the outpost is a wise man, he wants to protect what we will be doing here and has ordered a very narrow entrance that should be easily concealed and defended in the event we are attacked.

Granite 3843
Work on the workshops is done, the engineers have started work developing new weapons; I have no idea where they are getting their ideas. Every day I see something new and strange. Some times massive towers, some times metal tubes and fire. They are also attempting to meld magic with technology; one engineer has managed to make a small toy move with the power of steam. The miners have started to dig exploratory tunnels, to see what resources are available here.

Granite 3850
Yesterday the miners dug into a massive cavern, I am not sure how we missed it before. It is huge, at least a mile across and a mile deep, when you step inside you cant even see the ceiling. I can picture it now, houses carved into the solid rock of this mountain. It seems strange that this mountain would be empty right here; perhaps we can find a reason for this.

Granite 3852
The engineers have really outdone them selves this time. It seems that one of them had also been studying magic of some sort before he was sent here, after the miners uncovered some strange writing in a tunnel he built a strange contraption to try to decipher it. According to him it talks about an ancient transportation network that went all over the world. He says that he needs more time to understand what it is saying.

Limestone 3852
The strange device the engineer was building seems to be complete, based on my limited knowledge it contains some sort of iron structure that holds a crystal. When you pass energy through the crystal is stores the information of what ever was inside the structure. And then it transmits that information to another crystal of the makers choosing, as long as the end point is also built properly. I am not sure what all this means, it seems to me it would be an easy to way tot travel around, but it sounds dangerous. I’m going to wait and see how it unfolds.

Granite 3860
The transport cages have been constructed in every fortress from StoneFist to Karthoromak. The rest of the fortress will get them in time. It seems that distance plays a factor in how much energy you need to put into the crystals. There is talk in the mountain homes that we are not trying hard enough. What we have produced does not outweigh the cost, I overheard the outpost liaison chewing out the baron. I hope all is well back home.

Granite 3869
The engineers say they are out of ideas the last project was not very successful. They were developing what they wanted to call fire tubes, it involved fastening a piece of a tube of metal to a piece of wood. Sticking in a small piece of mining explosive and a small piece of metal into the tube. When the explosive was detonated it would propel the piece of metal through the tube striking what ever on the other side. The engineers hoped it would be a weapon. Instead it was a bomb. They are going to have to try harder if they want something like that to work I guess.

Granite 3874
It seems they have finally perfected their rufeuls, they have a chance to backfire now, but it has much lessened through the use of stronger steel. Their accuracy could do with some work, but I am sure the engineers will figure it out. The mountain homes are calling for supplies, something is going on. I guess that transportation cage will come in handy.

Granite 3875
The dragon has almost broken through the outer wall, hopefully he wont be able to fit through the door. The entry hall has been barricaded lets hope the garrison can hold out.
The dragon burst through the door as if it was nothing, the garrison held long enough for some women and children to hide in some caves, and for some of the engineers to finish their last projects. But there is no escape. I leave this log of our deeds and misfortune for those that come after. Perhaps one of my kin will be able to understand what we were trying to do and will see that anyone wielding this much power must be very careful. I hope the dragon rots in here, the pillars should collapse sealing the entrance, and if he tries to escape he will be crushed. There is no gold for him here only the stench of sweat and toil and dwarven will. In the end there will be only bones

Nionedenka Tunnelcarver Scribe of the mountain homes and Arkhenforges


Skyrik Skyrik

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