Adventures in Talead

Loki's Imagination-land

and a battle with an Incubus, Days 52-63

After a good nights rest we woke where we started, in the throne room, corpse of the previous nights demon battle still on the ground.

Before we could even say hello a bright flash of light appeared near the throne and out stepped an odd looking being claiming to be the god Loki.

He explained that he was the one who had prevented Apep from being murdered by Ra in the battle those many eons ago. Loki thought that he could have more fun with Apep still alive, so he saved Apep for later. I asked him why he did not simply frolic in a field of rabbits instead for fun and he turned me into a rabbit. for a short while. He also summoned Chaz who had been keeping watch on the bar to our side. Hopefully the locals will know to stay away.

After this he sent us all into what I can only imagine is his own mind, or perhaps a place where things exist wether you want them to or not. here we attempted many way to try to get home. after many failed attempts including the summoning of a star and a cold bucket of ice we met a strange little kobold who looked far older than any other kobold i had ever seen before. He had a strange way about him, it kind of reminded me of an old hermit who lied on the out skirts of the village where my father kept me. Something wasn’t quite right with him. after more thinking I decided the best thing to do was to sit down and do nothing as everything we tried resulted in a backfired disaster. Finally at the suggestion of Gwyn we summoned Loki and he let us out, back to the throne room, the small kobold in tow.

After animating the corpse of the dead demon we found out that the kobold was no ordinary dragon kin, but a necromancer. This is most distasteful, and with any luck he will not be able to raise too many that should be left to rest. If I must I will end his existence, so that other souls don’t have to be tortured in such a cruel way.

From here we decide it is best to go through the door behind the throne, in the hopes it will get us closer to Gwyn’s father’s last known location. after 11 days of absolutely nothing we came to the other side, they looked remarkably the same, except the walls here were in a state of severe disrepair and the lack of the goblins, hadn’t helped any. We noticed a path that led off to the west so we followed it. We came upon a small group of humans and an incubus and the battle began.

many of the human bandits went down in the first few attacks, but for a while mind was foggy, the bear looked like an appealing target, also something about kissing, that I did not like at all. After the fog lifted the incubus was right in front of me and i slew it for getting into my head. No one should be in there except for me.

Hopefully that will never happen again, it was most unacceptable. Hopefully the necromancer will not foul or parties path.

~Ren, Guardsman of Caliminorn


Skyrik Skyrik

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