Adventures in Talead

Ledale and an Incubus

Day 64

After the battle with the incubus we decided to do something that we all decided was a good idea.

It was obvious that the necromancer had to go. It was only a matter of time and who got the first chance, but because of the zombies we decided it was best to deal with them first. So Gwyn, the Cleric and I lined up attacks mean to destroy them utterly and completely so that their souls, tormented may they be will find peace. And so we gave them a burial through fire.

We then put the Kobold to sleep and tied him up. After this we traveled to the nearest human settlement Ledale.

Here we were met by the town watch who took the kobold captive. We gained information regarding the movements of Apep and his goals. It seems he aims to rebuild an army.

We were told by the Captain of the Guard Latche Ustin that there was a group to the south of the city. He asked us to save who we could.

We also talked to him about the father of Gwyn and we learned much, but I will let Her tell that story.

We traveled to the area that Captain Ustin mentioned and we found a camp of Berserkers, some heavily clad soldiers and another Incubus, I am starting to think that Apep likes demons.

Rockie tried to do something I hadn’t seen before with his hammer but ended up dropping it, perhaps it felt strange, it did glow until it left his hand though.

After all was said and done Thomar had managed to charm the incubus into telling us information that we would find useful. To make sure that the Incubus’ temporary defection remained permanent we ended its life. Let us hope the information the incubus provided will save lives.

~Ren, Guardsman of Caliminorn.


Skyrik Skyrik

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