Adventures in Talead

Day 65 - 73

After the Second Inucbus we returned to Latche to receive some more information on Gwyns father, he also gave us the go ahead to lure out the Spy. We captured him and gained information.

After the interrogation we were met by Loki walking out of a portal again and challenging us to his riddles. he claimed that they would be important in the future and after we solved them we would gain important information. There were moments of lucidity separated by an existence as a vegetables and gourds. Thomar seemed to enjoy being a pumpkin so much he retained the ability to speak to pumpkins, I am not sure how that is useful.

For posterity the answers tot he riddles were: Birth, War, Gods, Stone, and Fist. The last two concern me greatly, as they bear the name of the capitol of the Old dwarven civilization of my forefathers.

After this we returned to Latche and asked him to send word to Gwyns father and Caliminron about our plans.

From here we traveled for 3 days to a nearby town of Colwy, here the group separated in order to draw out another agent of Apep. 3 of us at the meeting point managed to capture the spy, while those who went to the tavern were met with a group of berserkers, according to rockie Gwyn managed to summon a large group of badgers that did a significant amount of damage.

Rockie and Bullwinkle were sent back to Leedale with the spy and based on information from Loki, which I am very wary of, we traveled to the nearby dwarven ruin of IronCages. We stand in Iron cages, there is an encampment of people sitting among the burnt out dwarven city. Lets hope they are not followers of Apep.

~Ren Guardsman of Caliminorn.


Skyrik Skyrik

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