Adventures in Talead

The Reason for the Season
It was a Dragon

After a nap we followed the wall further around.

Twink remembered a small mining village that should be around the center of the circle we we traced, but not wanting to get lost we followed the wall to the river in the area.

Here we were set upon by a large group of ice elementals and mephits. While they hurt us pretty bad, we were triumphant. In the river boat stuck in the frozen river we took refuge to tend our wounds and sleep.

In the morning we followed some cart tracks to the town Twink had remembered. In its center there was a mineshaft devoid of all snow that seems to have taken hold of this area.

After following the mine and coming across many many skeletons, which we surmised to be the now dead townsfolk we came upon the lair of a dragonkin.

This humanoid white dragon was wielding the scythe of Apep a weapon of mass destruction no doubt. after dispatching him rather quickly he reverted to his dragon form. This dragon had it out for us and did everything in its power to kill us. With a little bit of luck we managed to take it down and recover many of the goods stolen from Caliminorn.

With the goods safely in the warehouse we should start to head back soon.

~Ren, Guardsman of Caliminorn.

Winter Comes to Caliminorn
And so does crime

Every year winter comes to caliminorn with a nice dusting of snow and maybe a bit of slippery ice.

This year with the turmoil in the world, it has come with a vengeance. Snow drifts as high as halflings, and wind like you wouldn’t believe.

Now that my armor is done I can venture back out into the world, and the first thing I hear about is thefts in town. Some one skulking around the guild was spotted by Gwyn and we gave chase. His prints led to a small boarded up house on the edge of town. Inside we found a small troop of what can only be described as ice bandits. my fire and some work done by Gwyn and durrack make quick work of them. One man was unlucky enough to break his arm on my armor so he was put out of his misery. We did manage to take one of the bandits captive and sent for Commander Lyll to deal with the stolen goods.

After a nap back a the guild we went back to the shack to follow some cart tracks we had seen the previous day. Sadly we also found the two guards left by Lyll. They were dead and the captive gone.

We pursued fresh cart tracks into the north where we met a massive snow storm. Something is slowing our movement I think. In the night we were set upon by some flying ice creatures which we dealt with. They seemed ill tempered and desired to steal our things. Perhaps they are what has been thieving from the town.

Further north we met more blizzard and a rather large wall of ice. Going over it with the help of Gorry’s chariot we managed to travel a great distance along the wall and found very little to suggest an entrance. We did however come upon a large group of skeletons which the cleric dispatched quickly. I still feel like something is watching us.

Ren, Specialist Guardsman of Caliminorn

The Aftermath

To be written…..

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Exiting the jungle and returning home
Letter to The Commander
Flight from the Rising Kobolds
Joining a Group to Save the Day
The Death of Deimos

Letter to The Commander
From Rocksalen Rustyhelm

I hope this letter finds you well Commander.

Please do not hold my absence against Ren and Twink. There was nothing they could have done to stop me staying. I have reason to stay behind in the jungle once controlled by Deimos. It is because of what he left behind. Deimos bred an army of Kobolds to ravage and destroy the world. I hope to reshape that purpose into one of building a world of peace. To that end I am staying behind to build a new Kobold civilization built on compassion and trust. I hope to one day be able to stand beside you and the others to fight against the destruction of the world. When the time comes I intend to bring an army built to fight the oncoming darkness. If the battle looms, send a message using the gnome musician Michaleo at the adventuring guild, I will be there with my cohort as fast as the winds can take us.

May the light of truth guide our way.

~Rocksalen, Guardsman of Caliminorn

Exiting the jungle and returning home

In the web cocoon made by Gwyn we made some decisions, singing was what we needed.

It did not have the effect that we wanted. It seems that 2 of Deimos’ generals heard our ruckus and set an ambush. They managed to do a fair bit of damage, but thanks to Durrock it was also revealed that the memory eater was also following us. Durrok managed to deafen some of the party which seemed to negate the creatures memory wiping ability. with luck we managed to deal with the two demons and the creature as well. though we did not regain our memories of the lost bard. Perhaps when we return to caliminorn we can add the young gnome bard to our party to return our hearts to song.

The next 5 days continued with no issue. exiting the jungle and saying good bye to Rockie was probably one of the hardest things I have ever done. I know this is his decision and nothing will change that. He will re-join us when he is ready and when his kobolds are ready. Before the battle we will se each other again.

It seems that Thomar has installed himself as the mayor of the small town we left. the populace did not seem to want him though. through negotiation and the guidance of Gwyn we installed a new local mayor to handle the town dealings, and we even got a fancy portable door for the warehouse.

On the way back to Caliminorn we saw a herd of very large dinosaurs. They seemed peaceful. though with the size of the footprints, I hope that no one runs afoul of them. I can see in Gwyns eye a yearning to be that tall.

Upon returning to caliminorn we were set upon by border guards as Ahkazriel had warned. Simple thugs with no interest in anything other than our belongings. I hope that we can whip them into shape.

Lyl was upset that we didn’t return with Rockie. To be honest I think she didn’t expect us back at all. I gave her Rockies letter and went to start making my armor.

Imhotep was amenable to our agreement. it will however take quite a while to make the armor even with a god helping. I have no doubt it will terrify anyone who crosses us.

At the Adventuring guild I helped to set up a wall to honor the memory of those we have lost. Hopefully we will not need to make it bigger.

~Ren, Specialist Guardsman of Caliminorn, Protector of the memory of Maia.

The Jungle again.
The Loss of knowing

Some times my dad would tell an old tale, usually at night when the fear of the dark was at its highest. It was an ancient tale of the dwarven kings. He always claimed it was the at the dawn of the first age of dwarves.

He would set the tale in a small town. He would give it a lively atmosphere with children playing on cobbled streets and shop keepers tending their stalls. All would be well and shiny.

One night though someone went missing and no one noticed, but the town drunk, of course no one would believe his mad ramblings about a ghostly figure in the darkness. As more and more people started to vanish from the streets his ramblings got more and more scared.

The drunk would ask was why can you not see it? It follows you home. Do something! Run! However the people would only go about their day and ignore the poor man and would not even acknowledge those that were gone.

Eventually he decided that he needed to do something about this monster. He sobered up, stole a key to the guard house and took a weapon and some meager armor. At first star the next night he set out hunting the beast that was stalking the streets; knowing that tomorrow he might be forgotten to. After the first pool of blood he came across he had come to the realization that there was nothing he could do. His training was too far gone and he could hardly wield a sword. He needed help, but who would believe him. He sought the help of the lord of a nearby town who laughed him away. From what he could tell on the faces of the other people the town whose insignia he wore was foreign to them. as if it never had existed.

He returned to his town to see that it was burnt to the ground, nothing remained.
A storm in the middle of the night, or a fire had destroyed everything. not even bodies remained.

My father could never continue the story from here, back then I never could really understand why. Now I do. The loss of someone is hard, but the loss of the memory of someone is some times harder. Having something that shares the memory of some one who knew you as a brother, but as hard as you might try you can not recall them. That is what pain really is. That is what fear really is. The Loss of Loss. How do you fight something that you cannot remember. Maybe what we need now is some music.

Rest in piece Maia, The bard whom we once knew. May you play songs for gods.

What we need is what the drunk had….sadly I never heard what caused him to be free of the monster’s grasp.

~Ren Guardsman of Caliminorn.

The Death of Deimos
Entry Fourteen

Gwyn’s druid mentor was beat up bad, but he said Pallien must be being held at Deimos’s palace at the Falls of Adaste. Some of the kobolds got away on raptor-back so they might warn the defense at the palace. I’m expecting heavy resistance.

On a side note, this adventure has been totally ridiculous and given me plenty of material to write my ballads and songs about. I’ll need a whole new book for those when we get back to Caliminorn.

The trees won’t get out of our way as easily anymore. Its almost as if they know what we are intending to do and are trying to stop us. Glad we got those shaman staffs from Rockie’s kobold friends, otherwise this would be impossible.

More dragons! Two of them this time, but when Gwyn turns one into a turtle (HA!) they become real easy to take care of. Ren naturally harvested the dragons’s scales. He is going to look bad-ass in this dragon armor he is planning. (It still seems weird to me that the half-dragon is chopping up dragons to make armor, but whatever works I guess)

We were surrounded by kobolds somehow, but luckily we were all on guard. We were able to sneak up on them and Durrak just blew them all up. Blasted cleric! I didn’t get to do anything! But we did get to fight several more groups of kobolds that were instantly alerted to our presence after that explosion. We managed to fight them off and send them running. Looks like Deimos will have more of a warning now.

Oh ya! Deimos knows we’re coming. There is an army outside his palace waiting for us. Gwyn wants to have us walk under the river and try to get to the other side. Maybe there is a door over there, but the army is all on this side so it’s unlikely.

Ya no door. Durrak and the dragons almost got swept away and of course the dwarves were noisy about coming out of the river and alerted the whole army. We fought off a regiment of kobolds and a T-rex and then poof! There was a big explosion around the kobold army. I thought it was Durrak again, but it turns out Morgana convinced the Demigorgon to teleport her, Ava, Rockie, and his entire kobold army! Nothing standing in our way now.

Turns out I was wrong. There was an iron golem in the forges on the second floor! A forge on the second floor, what? And of course we had to fight Symms again. But we beat him again, and Durrak found an artifact with Thor’s hammer on it! There was a locking mechanism for us to figure out to release Pallien and she took off instantly to go after Deimos. We took some time to rest and will be heading out momentarily.

So there was a room of darkness, a room of fire, a room with a big zombie(?) in it, and then this thing the dragons tore apart real damn quick before we reached Deimos. He had already whooped Pallien though. She used the last bit of her energy to refresh us. Gory charged of course, but somehow Deimos stopped her. The fight was intense! He nearly killed all of us and did knock out Gwyn and Durrak for a minute. Damn dragons were near useless, but real nice Durrak had that amulet of Khonsu in his backpack. Gwyn was able to use the power of the moon to wreck Deimos.

After our fight Pallien rested up and gifted us with boons from her power. I was granted what she called the Boon of the Bard. She said my voice will carry further and inspire my friends more, which sounds damn good to me! As we tried to leave the palace Loki had to intervene again, of course. He said he hadn’t properly repaid us for saving his ass, which he really hadn’t. So he granted us a magic item of our choice from his treasure room. I found these nice pipes with a riddle. “The naive will follow while the experienced will only glare.” These must be the lost Pipes of Pan! This is a wonderful treasure for me!

I can’t wait to get back to Caliminorn and This message scrawls off in illegible scribbles.

The lower part of this page has several large splatters of blood.

Joining a Group to Save the Day
Second Entry

I had just made up my mind to leave Caliminorn the next day when through the tavern door walked that dragon guardsman, Ren. He looked around the room with purpose. I thought he had come for me, finally they had tired of the human in their town, but no. He called out to the room asking if there were any among us willing to follow him to Undin to help repel some attack on the town.

I jumped up almost immediately. This is as good an excuse as any to get out of town. A elf woman that makes me look sedentary joined us as well as the noble children’s tutor. Not real sure what they are going to add, but after introductions the four of us headed out for Undin.

A week. It took a full week of traveling with this band of misfits to reach Undin. The elf woman is actually a half-elf named Gwyn and she is also new to Caliminorn, having spent her childhood in a jungle to the south. The tutor is part angel, or so he says, and goes by Akhazriel. He is some sorcerer or something. I’ve seen him snort some stuff occasionally, so I think he just thinks he is a sorcerer. He’ll probably get himself killed.

Undin was indeed attacked. I recognized the smell from Fluiport before I saw the smoke and destruction. A good amount of the people remained and the soldiers were preparing to repel another attack. The attack happened almost as soon as we arrived, so we joined in. We made short work of these beasts, but nearly lost some of the soldiers along the way.

The leader was upset about how few of us there were, but he was happy we were there. The next morning we collected another wanderer, an elf named Thomar. I don’t know that we need a thief with us, but Ren seemed to want him along. After collecting him we set off looking for the leader of these beasts. Which didn’t take long.

Turns out Thomar is a wizard, and Akhazriel is actually a sorcerer. Imagine that! Gwyn has some weird affinity with plants and can shoot vines from her hands, weird but useful. Ren the guardsman just rushed in and nearly died, not the one I expected to do that. We managed to kill the leader and sent one scuttling off to tell of our deeds to its brethren.

Hillcarver, the leader of Undin, was very pleased to hear we defeated his attacker. He gave Ren a message for the Belelia council and we set off for home. Thomar came with us too.

Maybe this group will be good to stay with. Maybe we can do some good. This could give me a purpose instead of wandering aimlessly around the world.

Flight from the Rising Kobolds
First Entry

I had heard tales of a kobold revolt down south. How Hanus Ganiel was overthrown and the humans were being thrown out of their homes, but I never thought it would reach me. I was at the Bard’s College of Fluiport finishing up my studies when the attack came. I hadn’t even heard that they were close and suddenly there was a kobold army marching on the city. The walls held for a day or so, but after a breach was made everything was lost. The kobolds flooded in. I tried to help, but there were just so many of them.

I’m not entirely sure how I escaped. I remember there were crowds of people running, classmates, teachers, priests, everyone all looking for a way out. I fell through a doorway and down some stairs. Then there was darkness. Then fresh air thick with the acrid smell of the city burning. I don’t know how long I sat on that hill watching my city burn. Eventually I did leave and headed east. I joined up with a few others that had made it out of Fluiport several days later. The next day we joined with a caravan of refugees leaving the Empire.

The journey was long. Several months of sleeping outside and eating whatever we could find. Some people stopped at different towns along the way hoping to make a new home. Still most of us moved along. I heard talk of a new human settlement near the Fallen Dwarven Empire and the Whitewyrm Mountains called Ledale.

We wanted to enter into the lands of Belelia to cross to Ledale, but the guards wouldn’t allow it. A fight broke out and several of the refugees were hurt. Somehow I ended up in the river an I woke up a while later on a boat. The boat-master had pulled me from the river and was surprised I was still alive. I rested there while he made his way from port to port heading further up river. Finally he ended his journey at the capital of Belelia, Caliminorn.

I decided to stay a while. I found a place to sleep and played my songs for the tavern for food and some extra gold. I’ve been here two months now with not much happening. It might be time to move along again.

Death of a God
The end of Fear

Once in Deimos’ Castle there were only two ways this would end. His end, or our own.

After the fight with Simmes we had to contend with the castle’s other residents, some shadow creatures, 2 flaming skulls and 2 abominations of this realm.

Once past these trials we came across a nearly unconscious Forest goddess. She healed up as thanks for rescuing her and then promptly passed out due to exhaustion.

Once we were ready we entered the chamber of Deimos. his mastery of fear and things that bring terror was formidable. Thanks to Gwyn, Durrock and the others we were able to end him. I suspect that The goddess in thee other room was helped weaken him enough so that we could end him. The artifacts he left behind were designed to instill fear in all those who saw them. My hope is that soon they can be buried with this castle.

Loki also wanted to offer his thanks and presented us with more artifacts of questionable origin. Though we claimed many of them, I suspect the most dangerous was left behind. Now that we are out of the castle all that is left is to return home. I suspect we will be not returning home with that which we sought to recover…I hope to see him again.

~Ren Guardsman of Caliminorn, wielder of Death, Friend of the Lord of Kobolds.


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