Adventures in Talead

After the stories
Gwyn's temple

After Ahkazriel told us his ridiculous stories we moved on to our original goal of reclaiming Gwyn’s temple.

Gwyn described the temple as a large termite mound made of wood. She was not wrong. that is precisely what it looked like, except massive.

When we got there we saw it was overrun by a large group of Kobolds. we dispatched them and found within the temple even more kobolds.

In the center of the temple we came across the general of Demos in charge. Thanks to Gwyn and the other we were able to remove him from Demos’ command. and secured the temple. In the crypts we managed to find the druid who once called this temple his. We helped him and he told us what had happened.

Tomorrow I intend to ask him some questions about the power Demos now wields.

This morning we heard a large number of Kobolds chattering about warning Demos about what had happened at the temple. he will be warned, but he will also be distracted. Rockie has volunteered to lead his army against another of Demos’ strongholds so that we may slip into the falls more easily. We will see him again I have no doubt.

~~~Ren Guardsman of Caliminorn.

The Musings of the Primordial Titan Perpetos

The Musings of the Titan Perpetos—-on the creation of the ageless monk as dictated to Pin Scribe of Perpetos (written in the oldest dialects of Primordial)

Time flows for all, but a few. Now the monk is one such being. He was one of the first mortals to decide that violence was not the answer. The other gods and titans thought of this as weakness. In him though I saw something eternal. While conflict is omnipresent, so must its counter.

And so I bestowed upon him that which is both curse and gift. I gave him a piece of myself, the perpetual one. Trapped within him is a small speck of eternal life. Though it comes at great cost. He is eternally silent. He is trapped within himself, unable to talk to those around him. This was the price the others demanded. So convinced that conflict is the only way to gain power they want him to be hampered by this silence, never able to convince others to peace.

Soon my brothers and sisters will return to fighting. That is in their nature never at peace. In time we may die, in time…HA. Time is the one thing we have too much of. We waste is fighting, never growing. This monk however is beyond that. He will move on from our squabbles and see what worlds we have wrought.

I suspect in time he will find a way to communicate, or at least help others see peace. My sister gave him a gift in secret; she thought the others would not see. He has the ability to see a short glimpse of the world’s future. For now the others desired no further recompense or additional struggle.

This monk will walk the world and we shall see what he does with his power. Perhaps he will grow bitter and kill all who disagree with him, or perhaps he will remain on the path he has laid before himself and remain non-violent.

If that latter happens I hope that one of my kin is alive to see his fortitude in the face of the world’s chaos.

For now before the others begin their battle I will give him one more boon, secret from the others, like my sister. Within him he will find the power to be anywhere he is needed, should …

The rest of the page seems smeared and undecipherable.

The Silent Monk
Legends from Lokis house

Excerpts from ancient tome Titled assorted tales from around the world, found in the Library of Loki, Trickster God.

The legend speaks of a tall slender figure, in some stories an elf, though it is never quite clear. The one thing that is always same in all of the collected text is that he is quite clearly a monk. The other thing that seems to hold true for all stories is that he never utters a single word. The thing that entrances most scholars is that these stories appear all over the world through all recorded histories

In the most ancient of legends he appears as a lone traveler on a road or just around a corner. He would appear in times of great strife and turmoil, some times disappearing for centuries, once the danger had passed. He would approach travelers, scholars, soldiers… any and all whom it seemed the world knew nothing about. He would show them where they needed to be. In some stories he would encourage the subject to seek training or a long journey with no certain end. Without fail the people would undertake these journeys as if compelled by some unknown force. Many of the stories are of course lost to time, and the fates of those involved are left unknown.

Over time the stories of the monk have drifted beyond myth and legend. Some clans still tell stories of an ancestor that met a traveler and decided to change their path through the cosmos. Most now think of these stories as mere morality tales, with no basis in reality. What they don’t know is that he is real.

The monk known in some tongues as The Ageless one is branded into the subconscious of every single living being on this planet, whether they know it or not. While he is not divine he is empowered to change the flow of history it seems. Always showing up when the world is at a precipice. His presence changes the people he interacts with. They become focused, if they are unguided. They become driven, if they are uninspired. They become the best they can possibly be to change the tides of wars and famines.

Letter from General Saran’an Yelnan to his wife Keyphine

Dear we are returning home. It is with a heavy heart I tell you of the prince’s death. We were set upon by what seemed like an army of trolls…their numbers in the hundreds. Of course the Prince fought with bravery; his mind still on the monk of legend. Of course we still need to find a way to feed our people. I have sent emissaries to the other kingdoms in search of aid, but I do not know if anything will come of it. Our allies are still trying to recover themselves. We may not succeed or even safely return home, but I want you tell our children the story that stole our prince so they can understand its price.

Around a curve in a road if you are walking at just the right time, it is said, you might find yourself face to face with a tall robed figure. It is not death, but a chance to save your people. With great speed he will meet you and give you a vision or a thought of where you need to go to stop the turmoil of the age. Here there is a choice; the strong will take up the challenge laid down regardless of potential risk. As quick as he appears he is gone. No trace left.

The scholars think this is a morality tale to teach the young to make the right choice in life. To seek out strength. Or the path is the one you set within yourself. It is more than that, it is truth. I could see it in the prince’s eyes.

With Love,


A list of collected tools for those looking to seek him out by Wizard DeathBeard:
Here a large number of lines have been marked out, only one line is legible
-Don’t, if you seek him out you will find nothing.

Collected facts about the monk:
Tall maybe 6 feet tall…tall for an elf
Faster than an arrow or any land animal..seems to me to be the foolish ramblings of a peasant
In some stories seems to almost teleport… maybe some magic there
Some stories an elf, others are non-descript…No reason not to believe this
Always silent except the voice in your head…always seems familiar
Always turns up in times of strife..almost a certainty if real
Never appears for more than one person at a time it seems… no accounts of more than one witness.
Seems to desire peace above all else…again almost a certainty
No trace left after encounter…maybe they didn’t look hard enough

The Monk Gathers some adventurers
part 1 and 2

Ronny Be’Deveir

I found him, or rather he found me. He was sitting on a barrel and something about the monk drew me to him.

I sat on the ground next to him even though i had to get home. He was calming. The building was starting to get stressful.

He didn’t talk but you could feel what he was asking for. I had to prepare myself and my family.

Tomorrow I would seek out training. By the time i looked around, no time had passed but he was gone.

Fale, Guardsman of Caliminorn.

The spirals started appearing yesterday. First in the dirt. Then the dirt seemed to change over the course of the day.

Now the spirals are in sand.
Surrounded by white rocks.
The spirals don’t seem to be a problem.

Im not sure, but i don’t think they are a problem.
Im not sure who made it.
They must see something beyond.

If any one asks they need to stay.
Im not sure why, but they are important.
Tomorrow ill watch.

Feng, Paladin of Bahgtru

He appeared out of nowhere.
Normally i would have attacked.
Something about him stayed my blade.

He closed the distance in an instant.
He put his hand on my shoulder.
I heard a voice, one it felt like i had heard before.

He said, go to caliminorn.
The people will meed you.
You will find your lost way.

His words held meaning i couldn’t put my finger on.
It wasnt a order, it was for me to decide.
The future seemed bright

Eleon, Ranger of the West

If i didn’t see it myself i wouldn’t have believed it.
He caught the arrow out of the air.
He dropped it. But it fell with grace.

He was too fast.
It is almost as if he was teleporting.
There werent even footprints

He was behind me before i could blink
He put his hand on my shoulder
I knew where i had to go.

The trip was going beyond the lands of my fathers.
To the other side of the world.
I had to get there.

A voice in the Darkness
A Dream

You feel an open hand on your shoulder.
You feel at ease, it means no harm.
Then you hear a voice in your head, it is strangely familiar.
It offers you enlightenment.

You ask what it wants in return.
The voice replies that that it needs nothing,
but instead it is the world that needs something.
In your head you see a location, somewhere unfamiliar.

You know at once where it must be.
The voice says go there and help those in need.
In doing so you may find your path through life more open.
You ask what do I have to do there?

There is no response.
The hand is gone.
You turn around.
Moving down the road the opposite way is a tall figure shrouded in robes.

As you step towards him he disappears in a flash of light and smoke.
You continue down the road on the path you were on previously.
There is a fork in the road where there shouldn’t be.
You walk down the new path.

~Excerpt from meditation diary of a young monk.

The Assault on the Temple
Sessions 34 - ??,1st of Artimine to ??

Story coming soon…

Story in progress…

Worried about Rockie

I think the Boar demon was Rockie’s call to action.

He has been muttering to himself since we killed it and talked to Loki.

On that note Loki didnt really seem to care about Demos, I want to change his mind about that.

Couple things we need to deal with currently:

1. Still in Loki’s House I would like to be outside of this maze of awfulness.
2. Need to deal with this extra 350 lbs of loot that Loki gave us.
3. Might need help fighting demos.

2 of these these things can be made easier with Loki’s help. Up until now I have not been to forceful with Loki because of his magics. But I think i know what might get him to help us. Demos just roughed up his people and made a fool of Loki, I know that Loki enjoys a good rabble rousing, but I am willing to bet that spite would go a long way. We are going to Demo’s House, Loki might be inclined to help us in that endeavor. which brings me to trying to get our loot to safety. knowing Loki however. I expect nothing from him. he is only out for himself.

After I talk to Loki I think I am going to try to figure out what Rockie is up to.

I didnt hear much of what rockie said before he noticed me, but I heard snippets of kobold and sanctuary. I hope he is not going to act foolishly. I fear that he might stay behind to protect his new friends. I think that year he spent away from us has changed him, probably for the better, but only time will tell.

~Ren, Guardsman of Caliminorn.

Boar Demons hurt
Loki has a house and it is a maze

So I know that the others ventured into Loki’s house after I was taken,

And i know that Twink had some things happen to her in here, but nothing compares to a battle raging inside of it.

Doors every where, apparently one for each of us and more. Twink and Ren’s Rooms were what you would expect stone… very dwarfy. I wonder what my room looks like. I think they said they went into it last time and left a note for me.

Also many kobolds died today and it saddens me to think what has happened to my little group. I hope they are alive still.

That boar demon also didnt feel good. praise Shamash that the others are strong…I need to be stronger. I will be stronger.

I will not let more needless death occur. The Generals of Demos will die and all of the Daemian kobolds will come onto me and praise Shamash and the truth he brings!.

~Rockie, Guardsman of Caliminorn, Paladin of Truth and Justice.

The Battle of 2 Armies

We shall see what we have wrought.

The six of us decided we were going to head to the guardians temple in the hopes that we would find information that would help us to wrest control of the jungle from Demos. On the way there we came across a camp of kobolds un the command of a general of Demos. After much deliberation we decided to use Rockie’s Kobold warriors to help defeat this generals forces.

Previously we had used Gwyn’s Badgers to great effect in the battle where we encountered Simms. This time we used them along with some Kobold sorcerers as distractions to draw the enemy kobold forces away from the general.

We managed to finish the general off and from what we can tell no kobolds escaped to warn their brethren at the temple.

I just hope that the loss of life does not affect Rockie. many of the Kobolds that we lost were his friends.

Regardless one general down several more to go.

We need a way to resist the fear magic that these Kobolds seem to produce.

An additional note: Keep an eye on Ghorza, she seems to have take a liking to killing the large lizard creatures of this jungle and is calling herself the Dinosaur Slayer. This could lead to trouble. There is possibility of having our own Dinosaur cavalry though which would be very beneficial.

~~Ren, Guardsman of Caliminorn

Rockie's Rescue
Sessions 29 - 33, 22nd of Szelkar to the 26th of Nabutaer

Story coming soon…


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